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State League FAQ's

Are OSSL 2019-20 spots rolled over to the OSSL 2020-21 season?

OSSL U12-U17 brackets from 2019-20 will roll-over to the U13-U18/19 brackets for the 2020-21 season. For 2019-20 U18/19 age group, OSSL cannot guarantee those teams, who are age appropriate, can return to the U18/19 age group as U17 teams will roll-over to those spots.

Will teams apply for OSSL Premier Division or First Division?

Teams will apply directly for an age group. OSSL will rank all applicants based on league/State Cup results from the previous season. For 2020-21, OSSL will look at what league teams qualified for in 2019-20, 2019 Fall results (where applicable), and 2018-19 results (where needed). Teams will then be placed in the appropriate division based on the overall ranking of all applicants.

Can players guest play between divisions within the same age group?

A player who holds a current US Youth member pass may guest play on team(s) from within the same US Youth Soccer affiliated club, as approved by OSSL.  OSSL players can guest play in different age groups and between divisions within the same age group.  Teams are restricted to a maximum of 3 OSSL Premier Division players guest playing in the same age group’s First Division.

Can a player transfer between divisions within the same age group?

A player may not be listed on a team roster for more that one OSSL team in the same age group and division.  A player may transfer to another OSSL team in a different division with the same age group.

How is OSSL addressing the increase in travel due to the addition of Ohio North teams?

Each season, OSSL will review travel distances for games. Teams with long travel distances will play games at a neutral location to reduce travel for both teams.  Teams will share the cost of the neutrally located field. OSSL will provide field information in the Ohio North and Ohio South areas. In the future, OSSL will offer 1-2 play dates so teams will be able to play multiple games in a weekend at one location.

How will U13s qualify for GLC seeds for the Fall 2020-21 Season?

U13 Ohio South OSSL teams, who qualified by playing in U12 2019-20 OSSL, and indicated they will be applying for GLC will be given opponents to play and a date games need to be played by. OSYSA will use those results to determine GLC seeding. The OSSL Premier Division teams will fill GLC spots first and remaining spots, if any, will go to OSSL First Division teams. Ohio North teams will go through ONYSA for seeding.

My Ohio South team wants to play in GLC; do I have to play in OSSL first?

Ohio South teams wanting to play in GLC must pre-qualify by playing OSSL the year prior.

My Ohio South team has been accepted in GLC; do I have to play in OSSL?

Ohio South teams accepted into GLC Premier 2 and GLC First Division must play in OSSL. Only teams participating in the GLC Premier 1, GLC Club Division, or National League are exempt from playing in OSSL.

My Ohio South team is applying for GLC and has a chance of being accepted in GLC Premier 1. Should I still apply to OSSL?

Ohio South teams looking to be accepted in the GLC Premier 1 Division should still apply to OSSL in the event the team is not placed in GLC Premier 1. If a team is accepted in GLC Premier 1, they will be permitted to decline the OSSL spot without penalty. Teams remaining in GLC Premier 1 from the previous season do not need to apply to OSSL unless they want to play in OSSL.

Does OSSL allow trapped players to play in the U14 age division?

OSSL does not allow trapped players to play in the U14 age division. All players per team must be age appropriate. Players may play up in age groups but not the reverse.

What are Jen’s office hours and who do I contact when she is not in the office?

Jen’s office hours are Tuesday – Thursdays 9am – 2pm. For assistance on days or times she is not in the office, call the OSYSA office at 513-576-9555 or email Pam ( or Gina at (

Who is responsible for securing the field and referees for OSSL games?

The home team is responsible for securing the field (at their cost) and contacting the OSSL referee assignor to secure referees for OSSL games. OSSL referee assignor contact information is on the OSSL website.

How do I know if referees have been assigned for my OSSL game?

The home team should receive an email from the referee assignor confirming that their referee request has been received. Either team can check the referee system to confirm referees have been assigned. Instructions on how to check the system can be found on the OSSL website under the Scheduling Referees heading and  “Checking Referee Status for a Game” link.

What happens if the home team forgets to assign the referees and both teams show up at the field?

The home team may be fined $500 and forfeit the game.

Who do I notify if my game is canceled due to weather?

The Home Club is responsible for notifying the OSSL Referee Assignor, OSSL, and opponent as soon as possible if the scheduled fields are unavailable due to inclement weather (See OSYSA Policy on Lightning and Hazardous Weather). In terms of cold weather, if both teams agree that the safety of the players will be compromised; teams may cancel the game without penalty. Teams will need to contact OSSL and the OSSL Referee Assignor to cancel the referees.  All reasonable efforts must be made to complete the match on the scheduled dates. 

Can I reschedule my OSSL game which has been entered in the OSSL system?

Games can be rescheduled without penalty due to inclement weather per OSSL Rule 5.12.

Games may also be rescheduled without penalty in cases where two teams playing each other in a tournament have a previously scheduled OSSL game against each other. Teams must follow OSSL Rule 5.10(l) or 5.10(m) in these cases and submit the Tournament Form to OSSL for preapproval before the game can be rescheduled. In instances where games are rescheduled due to weather or tournament play as noted above, the home team AND organization canceling the fields must notify the Referee Assignor and OSSL within 24 hours. The home team is responsible for submitting new game logistics to OSSL. Furthermore, the rescheduled game must take place by the end of the season.

In instances where both teams agree to change a game date finalized in the OSYSA system, teams must follow OSSL Rule 5.10(i).

Can I reschedule my OSSL game because I will be playing my opponent in a USYSA sanctioned tournament?

  • Teams may reschedule a game due to tournament play only after they fill out and submit to OSSL a Tournament Form PRIOR to the game.  The form can be found on the OSSL website.
  • The form requires the Tournament Director’s and Tournament Referee Coordinator’s signatures, as well as, both teams’ coach or administrator signatures.  By signing the form, the tournament agrees to follow OSSL Rules concerning the number of active players per game, guest players, and match length.

Can I count my GLC game as an OSSL game?

GLC games may be counted as OSSL games. Teams need to follow the process in OSSL Rule 5.10(k).

How much are referee fees?

Referee fees can be found on the OSSL website under the Scheduling Referees heading.

How do I enter the game score in the OSSL system?

OSSL enters the score after the home team submits both teams’ game day rosters signed by the referee.

Does every coach on an OSSL team roster have to have a “D” license?

Only one coach on a team’s OSSL roster must hold at the minimum a US Soccer “D” Coaching License or NSCAA National Diploma. The coach meeting this requirement must be rostered on the team at the time of OSSL carding.

My team has two uniforms. Does the OSSL patch have to be attached to each uniform?

The OSSL patch only needs to be attached to one uniform. It can be attached to either the uniform shirt or shorts. The exact location of the patch is up to the team but needs to be consistent among all players. Additional patches can be purchased for $1 per patch.

Patches can be ironed and/or stitched on. The patch manufacturer suggests adding a few stitches even if the patches are ironed on.

Ironing Instructions

  1. Garment should be clean and freshly laundered (including new items).
  2. Set iron to “Cotton” 400 degrees for five minutes.
  3. Thoroughly iron area of garment where patch will be placed.
  4. Place patch on garment, embroidery facing up.
  5. Place cloth or light towel over patch and using a slow circular motion, press firmly for 30 seconds.
  6. Turn garment inside out and iron the back to the patch for 30 seconds.
  7. Let cool for one minute.  If edge of patch can be lifter, repeat step 6.

Do I need to bring a game day roster to a game when I am listed as the “away” team?

Each team is responsible to bring a completed OSSL Game Day Roster to each game. Each team must identify club pass players playing in the game by writing their names on the game day roster.

What is the process to add guest players (club pass) for a game?

Club Pass (formerly Guest) players must come from within your club.  Only players that hold a current US Youth Soccer member pass may be club pass (formerly “guest”) for a team within the same US Youth Soccer affiliated club.

  • For a Club Pass (formerly Guest) player to be eligible, a properly completed OSSL Club Pass Player Roster form must be filed with the OSSL office no later than 24 hours prior to the first OSSL game that such player participates.
    1. Send to Jen Tuesdays-Thursdays 9am-2pm by email ( or fax (513-576-1666).  Send to Pam or Gina on Mondays and Fridays 9am-5pm by email (, or fax (513-576-1666).  If submitting after 12pm on Friday, please call the office to verify if they will have time to approve it.
    2. Club pass rosters will not be approved after 5pm on Fridays or on the weekend.
  • An authorized official from the OSYSA must authorize the validity of the OSSL Club Pass Player Roster each and every time a change is made to the Club Pass Player Roster.
  • Teams may add Club Pass players to their Club Pass Player Roster throughout the course of the OSSL season provided that the total number of Club Pass payers does not exceed the maximum allowed.
  • Teams may not replace Club Pass players once they are placed/added to an OSSL Club Pass Player Roster Form and filed with the OSSL except if such change is done prior to a team playing its first OSSL game this season.
  • At no time may a player be on a Team Roster or Club Pass (Guest Player) Roster for more than one team within the same age group and division.

My club has two teams in the same OSSL age group and division. Can a player on one team guest play for the other team in the same age group and division?

At no time may a player be on a Team Roster or Club Pass (Guest Player) Roster for more than one team within the same age group and division.