State Cup Forms


Forms Needed Prior to State Cup Game

All teams will submit the items below through SportsForms a minimum of 2 business days prior to your first State Cup game.  (This would be your Preliminary game if you have one or your self schedule Round Robin game).  We will not accept partial paperwork.  Once we have received your submission, we will approve the Event Roster through SportsForms and you will receive an approved copy electronically that you will print and bring to each game.  

1. Event Roster -will be submitted electronically through SportsForms

2. Team Player Verification Form-will be submitted electronically through SportsForms.  You will only need to sign again if you have players who need to serve penalties at future games.)

3. Approved League Roster for your team-will be attached to your SportsForms submission 

4. Approved League Roster(s) of Club Pass Players (if applicable)-will be attached to your SportsForms submission.  Do not submit an approved club pass roster. This needs to be the approved league roster the player is originally carded to.


Forms Needed at State Cup Games

1. Approved Event Roster- You will print a copy for every game that will be marked for the date of play with your eligible players for that game.  Therefore, you will need to print one copy for any prelim game and three copies total for the Round Robin games.

2. Team Cards for Players and Coaches  

3. Official Referee and Red Card Report (Both teams should bring a copy to all self schedule games, but only one will need to be signed by the referees. Winning team, please make sure you get the completed and signed game report back from the referees directly after the match.  We will provide for State Hosted Weekend events.)


After Game:

The Winning Team should retrieve the signed referee report and both teams' approved event rosters from the referee and scan into the Ohio South office at within 24 hours of game time.  Please make sure the ref signs the Referee report!  Please include the gender, age division, and both team names in the subject line of the email sent.  Subject Line Example: Boys U15 Yellow Stars vs Blue Moons State Cup Game Results