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State Cup Forms

Forms Needed for State Cup games


Please check in at least 45 minutes prior to your game time at the Headquarters Tent for the Round Robin weekend. You will need to check in each day before your game. 

  1. Approved and Stamped League Roster (must turn in one copy and always have copy with you in case we need to collect another copy).
  2. Laminated US Youth Soccer Player Cards
  3. Team Player Verification Form (only need to bring to self schedule games. Make sure it is dated as the date of actual match. We will provide the form for State Hosted Weekend events.)
  4. Blue Roster Form (Must be typed! You will only turn this in once but you should always have a copy with you in case we need to collect another copy. Player signatures are no longer required on this form.)
  5. Official Referee Report (Only home team needs to bring to self schedule games. We will provide for State Hosted Weekend events.)
  6. Official Team Game Roster (only needed for each game if you have more than 14 on your roster for U11 and U12 or more than 18 players on your roster for U13-U19. If you have less, you do not need to fill this out at all. Player signatures are not required.)
  7. Concussion Certificates All carded coaches and team personnel must turn this in.
  8. Parent Acknowledgement Form for Concussion
  9. State Cup Rules (These do not need to be turned in, but you should have with you at the field in case any questions arise).
Please hold on to your Self Schedule Paperwork and bring with you to the Round Robin weekend! The Winning Team should retrieve the Referee Report from the referees. The Winning Team should email the score along with a copy of the referee report to within 8 hours of game completion.


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