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Presidents Cup Forms


Step 1

You will receive an email from SportsForms to submit your electronic event roster.  All teams will complete the event roster online and attach your approved Ohio South league roster and the approved league roster for any guest players to the electronic submission.  The deadline to submit your event roster is Thursday, April 26th for teams whose first game is during the Round Robin weekend. For teams who play a self schedule game prior to the Round Robin weekend, your event roster must be submitted a minimum of 3 business days prior to your first game.


Step 2

Teams will receive an approved copy of their event roster.  Please check for any errors.


Step 3

Items Teams Need to Bring to Game

1) All Player and Coach Cards

2) Referee Game Report (for Self Schedule games only)

Referees will check all player and coach cards at the field. Ohio South will provide the referee game reports with event rosters for all Round Robin weekend games May 4th-6th. 

Teams who have a self schedule game prior to the Round Robin weekend will be emailed the referee game report.  Both teams will need to print the referee game report and bring to the self schedule game for the referees.  The referee will need to mark the game active players, record the score, report red cards if applicable, and sign the report.  The winning team (or home team if the game ends in a tie) should retrieve the game card report from the referee and email to the Ohio South office at within 24 hours for all Self Schedule games. 

For Round Robin weekend games, Ohio South will collect the game card reports directly from the referees.

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