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Presidents Cup Forms


Please scan the checklist and paperwork to by Tuesday, April 28th at 9am.  This will eliminate your team having to check in at the HQ tent at the event.   

1) Presidents Cup Team Checklist

2) Ohio South Approved League Roster-must have league stamp to be considered and this will be kept by Ohio South.  Make a copy to turn in so we don't need to keep your original!

3) Ohio South Approved Cards

4) Presidents Cup Game Day Roster- This is only needed if you have more than 14 players for U11-12 or more than 18 players for U13-19 on your league roster.

5) Concussion Parent Acknowledgement Form-Your league may have had you turn in a similar document, but this is the one we need for the tournament.

6) Concussion Certificates - All Carded Coaches and Bench Personnel must turn in a copy of their concussion certificate at check-in.


Once you have turned in your checklist of items, you will bring a copy of your league roster, (or your game day roster if applicable) and your player cards to give to the referee at the field for each game.  The roster and game day roster will be retained by the referee so make sure that you have an extra copy for every game.

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