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Presidents Cup Forms


Step 1

Please scan the following paperwork to by April 22nd.  All teams are required to turn in paperwork ahead of time.  We will not be doing check-in at the HQ tent.

1) Presidents Cup Team Checklist

2) Ohio South Approved League Roster

3) Presidents Cup Event Roster 

4)Scanned copies of guest player cards


Step 2

Once you have scanned in your checklist with all items, we will scan back an approved copy of your Presidents Cup Event Roster within 2 business days.  You will need to print out multiple copies of your approved event roster so that you can turn in a copy at each game.


Step 3

Items to Bring to Game

1) All Player and Coach Cards

2) Approved Presidents Cup Event Roster-one for each game

Referees will check all player and coach cards with the approved event roster at the field. We will not do check-in at the HQ tent.  

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