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Ohio South State League

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    Welcome to the 2015-16 season of the Ohio South State League (OSSL).
      OSSL Rules
      OSSL Coaches Committee

Schedules and Scores
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Carding Forms U13-U18/19 Age Divisions        Scheduling & Game Day Forms
   Player and Coach Transfer/Add Instructions                                           Link to Online Account
   Transfer Form                                                                                               Game Scheduling Instructions (Schedule Refs & Udpate Affinity)
   Coach Membership Form                                                                                    Referee Scheduling and Weather Policy (Late Fees)
   Player Membership Form                                                                                     Checking Referee Status for a Game
   Concussion Certificates on File with OSSL                                             General Info/Club Pass Policy (MRL/Tourney Scheduling)
   Youth Sports Organizations Concussion Info                                        Tournament Form (To count tourney game as OSSL game)
   NEW TEAMS to OSSL Carding Instructions                                                     Club Pass (Guest) Player Roster
   EXISTING TEAMS in OSSL Carding Instructions                                     Game Rescheduling Rules
   OSSL Carding Checklist
   OSSL 2015-16 Club URLs
   OSSL 2015-16 Teams IDs   
Season Length & League Fee
 2015-16 Season
  • U13 - U14 boys and girls season runs from August 8, 2015 - June 12, 2016
  • U15 - U18/19 boys and girls season runs from November 14, 2015 - June 12, 2016
 2015-16 League Fee
  • $500 per team per season payable to OSYSA-OSSL
Team Contacts, Ref Contacts & Fees, and Black Out Dates
Games will be self scheduled and played at the designated home team's field. Schedules showing home and away status are listed below. Teams will update the date, time, and field in Affinity. Games with the field listed as TBD are not considered scheduled.  Home teams are responsible to secure the field (at their cost) and referees. A list of referee assignors is posted below. Choose the referee assignor based upon THE LOCATION OF THE FIELD.  Do not assume referees have been assigned until you receive a confirmation email from the Referee Assignor.  A list of black out dates have been provided to reduce scheduling problems.
Coaching License Requirement
Starting the 2013-14 OSSL season, at least one coach on a team's OSSL roster must hold at the minimum a US Soccer "D" Coaching License or NSCAA National Diploma as the minimum coaching qualification.  The coach meeting this requirement must be rostered on the team at the time of OSSL registration/carding.
U19 Age Division
Per requests from OSSL coaches and with the agreement of the OSSL Coaches Committee, OSSL is combining the U18 and U19 age divisions.  Teams in this division will be playing under the U19 age division heading.  There will no longer be an U18 age division.  Teams may be comprised of U18 players, U18-U19 players, or U19 players.  For State Cup, teams with both U18 and U19 players can choose to play in the U18 or U19 age division.  If they choose to play in the U18 State Cup division, they will not be allowed to include the U19 players on the blue roster form.  Teams playing in the MRL U18 age division will not be allowed to play U19 players.  Teams will submit their U19 OSSL roster to MRL with a line through the name(s) of the U19 player(s).
If you have any questions about the Ohio South State League, please contact Jen Schuppe at or 513-576-9555.
Jen's office hours are Tuesday - Thursdays 9am - 2pm.   Please call the office with questions when Jen is unavailable.
For online account questions, please call Affinity at toll free 855-848-7227 from 10am-10pm EST.
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