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Affinity Webinar Training

This spring we are experiencing many changes here at Ohio South as we now have a new online system provider named Affinity. We are very excited for this new partnership, and know there will be a learning curve moving forward as we get everything moved over to this new system.

Affinity is having a series of webinars for all leagues to review and understand this new system.
We recommend all leagues have at least one member of your league attend one of these webinars at your convenience. There are many webinar opportunities available. We will have the new schedule of webinars up soon!
In the coming months all of the systems at OSYSA will experience change.
Here are several explanations of how this new system will affect our members regarding Registration and Risk Management.
A) The e-registration system for uploading your player and coach database will change effective April 15th from the Active/Hammerhead system we currently use to our new Affinity program. Your league has the option to use the new registration system for your league or download your data from your current system into an excel/csv file and email over to Affinity where they will import your data for you into our new registration system.
B) The Kidsafe Risk Management system will be different. Coaches will be able to login and update their information or create an account if not already in the system. Once they create an account, they will submit their data directly to Intellicorp, the background check provider. This will be great for us, because neither Ohio South nor Affinity will have to store social security numbers. Only Intellicorp will have this information in order to run the background checks, and should help coaches feel more comfortable with who has access to their personal information.
Please note that when coaches submit their background check, they will receive a certificate by email once they have been Risk Management Qualified. This could take a few days and will not be immediate as they received previously. It is important that this is communicated with your coaches so they do not wait until the last minute to submit their background check. This will help keep our kids safer so no one is out coaching our kids who shouldn’t be.


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