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ODP Refund Policy

(Updated September, 2017)

ODP Phase 1 Registration Fee Refund Policy:

Ohio South will honor and issue refunds for the ODP registration fee if requested by October 12th. All refund requests will be subject to a $10.00 processing fee. After October 12th -  all refund requests must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. Doctor’s notes must be received prior to the first day of Phase 1 District training in order to receive a full refund.

ODP Phase 3 State Pool Training Fee Refund Policy:

There will be no refunds issued for the State Pool Training fee.

ODP Phase 4 - ODP Challenge Cup Refund Policy:

Please note that once your son or daughter is selected to the State Pool, based on their commitment form, they have committed to attend the Phase 4 ODP Challenge Cup. After the final payment date is closed (May17th), any player who pulls out of the State Pool prior to the State Team Selections will be refunded 50% of payments made. Any player who pulls out of attending Phase 4 ODP Challenge Cup after being selected to the State Team will forfeit their entire payment. If a player is chosen as an alternate and is not called up to attend Phase 4 ODP Challenge Cup, refund checks for payments made will be issued the first Tuesday after the event. Potential refunds of deposits for injured players will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The following items will be taken into consideration: date of injury, severity of injury, date of communication with the Ohio South office regarding the status of the injury, and timing of receipt of the doctor’s note in the Ohio South office.


ODP Phase 5 - Region II ID Camp Refund Policy:

Any questions and requests will be coordinated through the Region II ODP Administrative Staff

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