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2014-2015 US Youth Soccer ODP

(Updated August 2014)

Phase 1 ODP - District Training and Selection (2000 - 2004 Age groups only)
Coming Soon!
Registration for the 2014 - 2015 season will be available in late August/early September 2014.
Phase 2 ODP - College Showcase (1996 - 1999 Age groups only)
Registration for the 2014 - 2015 season will be available in January 2015.

2013-2014 US Youth Soccer ODP

Phase 4 - Regional Camp
2014 Regional Pool Selections
Congratulations to the following players from Ohio South who were selected to the 1997 - 2001 Regional Pools for 2014;

1997 Boys

Brock Lam

1997 Girls

Payton Atkins
Bayley Feist
Katie Murray
Katie Ravenna

1998 Boys

Jefferey Douyere
Keagan Mclaughlin

1998 Girls

Jaelyn Cunningham
Sarina Dirrig
Alexandra Powell

1999 Boys

Ramon Bajeca
Cody Busam
Alexander Dudley
Gustavo Huey

1999 Girls

Haley Cox
Payten Davis
Gillian Losey
Katie Luce
Molly O'Brien
Morgan Ramby
Rian Reid
Olivia Sensky

Sarah Wampler

2000 Boys

Jacob Birdsong
Grant Rodgers

2000 Girls

Taylor Dickerson
Alicia Downley
Megan Kehres
Kiana Klein
Annie Metzger

2001 Boys

Max Brennan
Quinn Flaspohler
Ryan Forino
Kyle Klumpp
Nicholas Krueger
Samuel Massick
Bryson Najarian
Luca Napora
James Spindley
Michael Wampler

2001 Girls

Ande Allison
Aliyah El-Naggar
Laney Huber
Emma Schuppe
Please see the attached information which will apply to any players who are invited to remain for the holdover camp after the initial ODP Regional Camp is complete.  Any players who attend Regional Camp as part of the ODP State Team and are invited to the additional holdover camp will have their transportation and holdover fee covered by Ohio South as part of their Regional Camp Fees. 
1997 - 2002 State Team Selections
Regional Camp Forms Needed

Phase 3 - State Pool Training
Hobson Freedom Park
2910 Trebein Rd
Fairborn, OH  45324
1997 - 2002 State Pool selections


2012-2013 US Youth Soccer ODP

Congratulations to the players who were invited to the ODP National Training Camp in Phoenix in January!
G98-Sarina Dirrig, Kalyn Smith
G99-Haley Cox, Katie Luce, Jenna Prathapa
G00- Brittany Duncan, Madeline Loris, Molly Morgan
Congratulations to the players who were invited to the ODP Thanksgiving Interregional Event! 
G96-Alexis Kiehl, Abby Weigel
G97-Payton Atkins, Bailey Feist, Katie Murray, Katie Ravenna, Olivia Silverman
G98- Jaelyn Cunningham
G99-Blair Cowan, Molly O'Brien
Congratulations on the following players who made the Region 2 ODP pool!
1996 Girls 1996 Boys
Jorda Foster  Jacob Scheper
Alexis Kiehl  Ryan Husband
Aaliyah Patten  Jared Pressley
Abby Weigel  
1997 Girls 1997 Boys
Payton Atkins Charlie Maciejewski
Bayley Feist Ben Dreikosen
Katie Murray Amier Salah
Emma Ranalli  
Katie Ravenna  
Olivia Silverman  
1998 Girls 1998 Boys
Malia Berkley Gary Zhao
Jaelyn Cunningham  
Sarina Dirrig  
Kalyn Smith  
1999 Girls 1999 Boys
Blair Cowan Nicholas Mishu
Haley Cox Shane Niemeier
Katie Luce Bryant Pratt
Molly O'Brien Erik Sigman
  Philip Springsteen
2000 Girls 2000 Boys
Brittany Duncan Jacob Birdsong
Madeline Loris Drew Fischer
Annie Metzger Noah Alexander
Molly Morgan Gavyn Coots
  Grant Rogers


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