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Laws of the Game


Think you Know the Game?

At every game..... we hear them; the fans, the coaches and the players - all sharing their wisdom with the referee crew; what call they should have made and what call they missed;
  • Some of us THINK we know the game - but do we?
  • Some of us know we DO NOT know the game - so how do we learn?


The following link below is aimed at parents, players, coaches and referees alike......................

Laws of the Game Quizzes for Parents, Players, Coaches & Referees

This is a great website with little 4 - 10 question quizzes daily. A wonderful resource for parents, players, coaches and referees alike.

The database also contains over 700 tests with 10 - 50 questions that you can share. Calling on all parents, players, coaches and referees - lets see how well you really know the game!

Want to Become a Referee?


The official Referee organization for Ohio South Youth Soccer is the Ohio South State Referee Committee (OSSRC). They oversee all licensure, training, instructional courses and game assignments for Ohio South.

.........Want to become a Referee? Check out the website below;

Ohio South State Referee Committee (OSSRC)

OSSRC Appointees - Contact Information

U.S. Soccer



Referee Signals


Assistant Referee Signals



Law 1 - The Field of Play


Law 2 - The Ball



Law 3 - The Number of Players


Law 4 - The Players Equipment



Law 5 - The Referee


Law 6 - The Assistant Referees



Law 7 - The Duration of the Match


Law 8 - The Start & Restart of Play



Law 9 - The Ball In & Out of Play


Law 10 - The Method of Scoring



Law 11 - Offside


Law 12 - Fouls & Misconduct



Law 13 - Free Kicks


Law 14 - The Penalty Kick



Law 15 - The Throw In


Law 16 - The Goal Kick



Law 17 - The Corner Kick

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