Risk Management

Please note that effective immediately all OSYSA risk management qualifications are now valid for 3 years. Anyone who is currently approved will be approved until 2017. Coaches (both Recreational and Competitive) and Administrators will have an expiration date of June 30th in their third year. Referees will have a December 31st expiration date in their third year. All records have been updated to reflect this change and your certificate will print out with the new expiration date.


Examples of expiration dates: 

Coaches and Administrators  that applied on July 1, 2014 through today will have an expiration date on their certificate of June 30, 2017.

Referees that applied on July 1, 2014 through today will have an expiration date on their certificate of December 31, 2017.


How do I check my Risk Management Status?

Click here to log on to your account and check your Risk Management Status

Use this to log on to your account and print your certificate or check your status. Look under the Registration Applications section, and look for the risk status line.  It will either say Approved, Expired, Review Committee, or be blank.  If it says approved, you can click on the Print Risk Mgmt link to print your certificate.  It can take about 15 minutes from the time you submit your background check before it will update your risk status on your account. (Please note that Application Status will always say Pending and is not related to your Risk Mgmt status.) If your Risk Status says Review Committee, it can take 3-7 business days for us to research your background results.


How do I complete my risk management application?

Use this to log in to your existing account or create an account to submit your background check.  *Please note you will need to use your legal name*.
Attention Players who turn 18 and are now coaching or refereeing: In order to submit a background check, you will need to log in to the original parent account. You will then add a new parent/guardian record with the player's information and create a username and password.  That new adult record will be the account to use to submit the risk management background check.  
Attention Referees: For Member League Code, look for the following choices in the drop down menu in the Risk Management Clearance Form (Rather than selecting your Member League):
  • District 1 Referee
  • District 2 Referee
  • District 3 Referee
  • District 4 Referee
  • District 5 Referee
Referees may also view this instructional video for more detailed instruction.
If for any reason you experience a problem with one of our systems please contact the OSYSA State Office or Affinity Sports so we may better serve you!

You can reach us at:

OSYSA (513) 576-9555 or toll free 1-800-267-9721
Affinity 1-800-808-7195



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