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Risk Management

(Updated December 2018)

Background Checks - Stack Sports Registration System - Member Leagues & Clubs

Please note that all risk management submissions for the 2018-2019 seasonal year will be done through the Stack Sports (formerly Blue Star) system starting July 1, 2018, when you register as a coach through your league or club portal.

To find your league or club portal, please visit the Directory or contact your league or club for the correct link.

Due to the change in systems, background checks are not run automatically as previously and when run may take 7-10 business days based on the situation. Length of time does not imply issues with your background check.

In addition, there is no longer a printable certificate when you have submitted for a background check.

Background Checks - Member Recreational Leagues & Coaches (Not Using Stack Sports Registration System for Players)

This is required by Ohio South Youth Soccer - Bylaw 12.

All leagues not using the OSYSA Stack Sports Registration system for player registration are still required to have their coaches register in Stack in order to allow Ohio South to run a background check. Once registered, your assigned Risk Management Co-Coordinator should verify all coaches have successfully cleared the background check and maintain all records.

Click here for Coach Instructions to Register and Complete a Background Check.

If a member league would like information on how to utilize the OSYSA Stack Sports Registration system - please contact Joe Gould at the OSYSA office;

(513) 576 - 9555

For additional Risk Management or Background Check information or questions – please contact Steve Wood at the OSYSA office;

(513) 576 - 9555

Camp Coaches, Medical Athletic Trainers & Coaching License Instructors

Camp Coaches, Medical Athletic Trainers and Coaching License Instructors will run background checks through the link below. This is not a player or coach registration tied to a specific league or club.

Click here for Ohio South Risk Management Check

Referees should complete their background check via the OSSRC Stack system. Please click the Register Now box found here, sign up for an account (if you do not have one), and fill out the form.

If for any reason you experience a problem with one of our systems please contact the OSYSA State Office or Stack Sports so we may better serve you!

You can reach us at:

  • OSYSA: (513) 576 - 9555 or toll free 1 (800) 267 - 9721
  • Stack Sports: 1 (866 ) 892 - 0777




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