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Annual Awards

Congratulations to the 2016 Ohio South Youth Soccer Award winners!!

Ohio South Youth Soccer would like to thank the award winners for all the time, effort and hard work these individuals have dedicated to youth soccer.  



Congratulations to Josh Hertenstein for being named the

2016 OSYSA Boys Competitive Coach of the Year

Josh began his coaching career in the Fall of 2008, while coaching his oldest daughter’s U6 recreational team.    It started out as nothing more than a dad volunteering  for a club;  but quickly turned to more.  He currently coaches the U10 Boys Wapak Rider FC and the WSC Lady Riders in the MVYSA league.  He loves the game and wants his players and the community to love the game.  He is always encouraging his players to better themselves.  Josh wants every player on the field to have fun. He believes if you aren’t having fun you won’t play your best.   He also volunteers at the local indoor soccer complex.  Josh only wants to better himself…so he can bring out the best of those around him. 

Congratulations to David Robertson for being named the
2016 OSYSA Girls Competitive Coach of the Year

Coach Robertson loves the game of soccer.  He promotes the sport and players at all levels. He currently coaches CUP  teams in Cincinnati.   He is a great role model and advocate for the game.  He creates practice environments in which the athletes can improve their overall skills while making it fun and competitive.  He is also a strong advocate for his athletes to seek higher competition as well as growth within other activities such as ODP, ID camps, and other soccer activities.  Overall, Coach Robertson is an excellent developer of talent.  He allows players to grow during the critical times as an athlete as well as a person.


Congratulations to Todd Zech for being named the
2016 OSYSA Boys Recreational Coach of the Year

Todd has been coaching soccer for over 26 years.  He is a father that stepped up to coach his daughter when she started soccer.  He is currently coaching his grandaughters’s Dribbler team and the boys Passer team that includes a family friend.  For many years he has coached multiple teams in recreational leagues and club programs.  As a coach Todd has developed players by continuing his teams until they aged out of his program as well as preparing players for competitive soccer.  As evidenced by his team’s play, his players understand not only how to play the game but also how to follow the rules of the game.    Todd’s commitment to youth sports and soccer has positively impacted our community.  Besides coaching, Todd has been a board member of Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association for over fifteen years.     



Congratulations to Mas Ionna for being named the
2016 OSYSA Girls Recreational Coach of the Year
Coach Ionna has coached girls soccer for the last 5 years (U6-U10/11) and during that time also coached one season of U6 boys.  Four of the five years he has also been a board member with Girls Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association. Mas has developed as a coach during these last five years.  He brings a fundamental focused and “team” emphasis base to coaching. The common core players have returned every season and as a group have become a dominant “team” that has grown together and developed a core foundation of knowledge and skills of the game.  Coach Ionna has consistently throughout the years of coaching promoted sportsmanship through both action and instruction to his teams and their parents. Coach Mas’s leadership has resulted in Cup Finals and Champions on top of the fun and bonding his players have achieved.   Throughout his endeavors in the community and his children’s school, he regularly talks about the benefits of the game of soccer and encourages parents to get their children involved in the game.

Congratulations to Randy Corey for being named the
2016 OSYSA TOPSoccer Coach of the Year

Randy has been involved with TopSoccer for more than a decade.   Not only is he an awesome volunteer coach, but he also spends an incredible amount of his personal time volunteering as the President of Cincinnati TopSoccer.  The program would not be the same without him.   One of Randy’s greatest achievements is the largest annual event TopSoccer Fall Tournament in the nation.  It is a fun-filled day focusing on the players, coaches, families and volunteers.  Everyone comes together to play soccer, eat, enjoy games, face painting, petting animals and listen to music.  He has fulfilled a dream for the kids of TOPSoccer and their families, a dream they didn’t know they had or even wanted.  His dream began with seeing past the kids’ disabilities and into their hearts.  They all want to be athletes.  They all want to be good at something.  They all want to be part of a team and feel like winners.  Randy has created and environment for just that.  His tireless commitment to TopSoccer, both administratively and as a coach, is clearly evident by the amount of smiling kids in the program.  



Congratulations to Tessa Doan for being named the
2016 OSYSA TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year
Tessa began volunteering with Cincinnati TOPSoccer in 2014.  She plays on the Varsity soccer team at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.   She was recruited from her school by older volunteers.  She was hooked from day one. She was immediately comfortable working with some of the most severely disabled kids – and they love her.  Tessa’s positive attitude advances the game and makes people want to participate as a player and volunteer.  She shows maturity and leadership skills as she interacts with the players and other buddies.  On the field, she is one of the first to arrive and the last to leave.  She encourages the players to be active and excited in the games.  Tessa is one of the rare volunteers who gives so much of herself because she truly loves the kids and the program.



Congratulations to James Waldron for being named the
2016 OSYSA Administrator of the Year
Jim has been a strong, active and outstanding administrator for youth soccer since 1975. He began as a coach with Girls Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association.  Then in 1976 he was elected  Board of Directors of GSE and then 1977, President of GSE.  He has continuously served as President since that time.   He has been a board member of the board of directors for Ohio South Youth Soccer Association since 1978.  He was founder of the Cincinnati United Soccer League (now named Greater Cincinnati Soccer League) and has served as President since 2002.  Jim has served in many capacities from parent, coach, and several other youth soccer organizations.  Jim has worked to bring the best quality soccer education to all players in Ohio South.  He has spent countless hours making sure that soccer, “the game for kids” was conducted properly and that every player in Ohio South had every opportunity to participate and enjoy the great sport.  Jim’s commitment from the heart that he has given and continues to give to soccer families in Ohio is immeasurable. His leadership qualities and dedication to the “game” are second to none.



Congratulations to Michael Bolton for being named the
2016 OSYSA Volunteer of the Year
Michael has been an avid soccer player all of his life, but even more so when their boys starting playing at the age of 3 years old in Bellbrook. While focusing on soccer, he also relates lessons learned on the field to challenges in life and how each boy can be a better person.  He acknowledges that life is full of challenges and successes, and then explains how to grow from each experience.   He is an outstanding role model and philanthropist in every community he touches.   Michael doesn’t just volunteer for soccer.  As a he Taekwondo black belt and National winner, Mike volunteered to help 50+ students develop their martial art skills – physically, mentally and emotionally. He also volunteered for the US Air Force Marathon, protecting 15,000 runners from dangers of the open road.   He nobly volunteers his time to the wellbeing of our youth.  He is a true humanitarian and perceives his time, effort and coaching as an investment in the leaders of tomorrow. 



Congratulations to Stephanie Robbins for being named the
2016 OSYSA Female Young Referee of the Year
Stephanie has been playing soccer for the past 12 years. Stephanie is from Loveland, Ohio.  She has been refereeing soccer for the past 3 years.  She attended 3 Youth referee academies in addition to the Women’s Academy at Ohio Galaxies Showcase.  She plays soccer for the Alliance Cincinnati Elite Blue and has played for CSA since she was 7 years old. She has volunteered with this club during winter training.  She currently plays soccer for the Loveland High School Women’s program.  Along with volunteering with her soccer club, Stephanie also helps out at her high school Summer Soccer camp and frequently volunteers with the Loveland Youth Soccer program.  .   As part of her academic work, Stephanie takes college classes at the University of Cincinnati.  She has a 3.9 GPA and plans to attend the United States Military Academy after graduating High School.  


Congratulations to Soham Basu for being named the
2016 OSYSA Male Young Referee of the Year

Soham is a bright young man from Cincinnati, Ohio.   He played soccer for Ohio Elite and for Cincinnati Country Day.  He was the captain of his high school team, MVC 1st team, and all Southwest and regional finalists during his senior year.  In 2012, he traveled with Ohio Elite to Argentina where he stayed and trained with Gimnasia.  He has been refereeing since 2012 in Ohio South and hopes to continue staying in touch with the game of soccer by refereeing. He graduated from Cincinnati Country Day high school in 2016 where he was president of the Honor Council and Model United Nations Club.  He was also vice president of the Fred Carey Golf Classic that raised over $20,000 for a school scholarship. He is a freshman at Darmouth College studying government and public policy.





Congratulations to the 2015 Ohio South Youth Soccer Award winners!!


Congratulations to Douglas Rabe for being named the 2015 OSYSA Boys Competitive Coach of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Douglas Rabe, OSYSA Boys Competitive Coach of the Year

Doug is a coach who promotes a positive environment for his players to learn the game of soccer.  Doug has coached for many years and has coached all levels, from U8’s to high school and even amateur collegiate level athletes. The time and energy that Doug puts into coaching, teaching and training kids is above and beyond.  He is dedicated to teaching youngsters the skills needed to play the game along with the benefit of teamwork, team bonding, and overall having fun.  He focuses on finding each individual’s strengths and promoting those to overall increase the strength of the team.  He deals well with athletes of both genders and all age levels and this is proven by many of the successful teams that he has coached.

Congratulations to Mary Raiff for being named the 2015 OSYSA Girls Competitive Coach of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Mary Raiff, OSYSA Girls Competitive Coach of the Year

Mary is extremely active in the soccer community and has been a positive role model in the soccer community for over 20 years.  She has a USSF “D” license and actively attends Regional Symposiums, the NSCAA Convention, and college/pro games whenever feasible.  She is a strong advocate of good sportsmanship pertaining to players, parents and referees. Her players are always being challenged in a fun and safe learning environment.  She forces them to play out of their comfort zone and to take risks as it relates to the game.

Congratulations to Tim Feldman for being named the 2015 OSYSA Boys Recreational Coach of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Tim Feldman, OSYSA Boys Recreational Coach of the Year

Tim has been working with children while coaching soccer for the past 22 years.  While coaching recreational soccer these many years, his teams have won several league Championships.   His training sessions are structured to build team confidence while having fun.  He is currently on the SCSA Board of Directors, serving as Secretary.  He also participates as an instructor for the combined GSE and SCSA programs to train young referees. Coach Tim teaches all aspects of soccer. He wants young players to have fun and learn to love the game of soccer.

Congratulations to Rich Mulvaney for being named the 2015 OSYSA Girls Recreational Coach of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Rich Mulvaney, OSYSA Girls Recreational Coach of the Year

Rich coaches two teams in the Girls Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Assn. and is currently on the board.  He stands for great sportsmanship and ensures that the players on his team, his other coaches and parents match his standards. Both of his teams have been awarded for great sportsmanship from the league.  He ensures players have fun both in practice and in games.  His philosophy is to teach and develop players – not winning.

Congratulations to Tom Keller for being named the 2015 OSYSA TOPSoccer Coach of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Tom Keller, OSYSA TopSoccer Coach of the Year

Tom has been working with TopSoccer for many years and is one of the rare individuals who saw the need and answered the call.  He volunteered to help after seeing a news article in the program.  Tom does not have a child in the program, yet he treats it as if he did.  In fact, watching him with his team, you could say they are all his children. Tom also stepped up when a director spot opened up in the organization. While still coaching Tom is now also the Director of the Mason location of Cincinnati TopSoccer. Tom has invested in TOPSoccer and what it stands for. He pours his heart and soul into the program and involves his wife and son as well – also both dedicated volunteers.

Congratulations to Katarina Schneiderman for being named the 2015 OSYSA TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Katarina Schneiderman, OSYSA TopSoccer Buddy of the Year

Katarina volunteered for TopSoccer and became a TopSoccer Buddy to a blind child named Joey. What she did for Joey and his family was truly remarkable. She embraced Joey, taught him some soccer skills, was patient with him, even more than that she also became his friend.  It takes a lot for blind child to feel comfortable with someone who has to lead them around and be their eyes.  From the first day she met him, she made  him feel comfortable and he was able to put his complete trust in her.  Thanks to Katarina she helped make Joey's dream of soccer come true.


Congratulations to Jeff Rodriguez for being named the 2015 OSYSA Administrator of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Jeff Rodriguez, OSYSA Administrator of the Year

Jeff became involved in youth soccer in the late 1990’s.  He started as a volunteer coach in the recreational program of Girls Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Assn.  He served as a coach for many years and in 2004 was elected to the Board of Directors of the association and has served every year since that time.  Jeff currently serves as Vice President and has been the Executive Director and over the years served in player placement and scheduling as well as other positions.   His leadership and work has improved the association in many ways.

Congratulations to Mary Jane Rumpke for being named the 2015 OSYSA Volunteer of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: MaryJane Rumpke,  OSYSA Volunteer of the Year

Mary Jane has been involved in soccer since the early 80’s.  She has coached, refereed, and helped with organization, and paperwork.  She has coached many teams through recreational soccer.  She has instilled the love of the game in many children over the last 30 years.  She is always willing to jump in to help when needed.  She volunteers much of her time in the community and through church, community events, and soccer.

Congratulations to Caroline Heberle for being named the 2015 OSYSA Female Young Referee of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Caroline Heberle, OSYSA Young Female Referee of the Year

Caroline is a student at Pickerington North High school.  She has 4.11 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society.  She is a member of the Drug free Club of America, a Varsity soccer player, and lead writer for the school publication the North Star.  Caroline became a soccer player at the age of four and is the captain of her club team FC42.  She became a referee in the spring of 2010, at the age of 12.  She has refereed for many leagues and dozens of tournaments including the OSYSA State Cup tournament.

Congratulations to Austin Schoening for being named the 2015 OSYSA Male Young Referee of the Year


Left: James Waldron, OSYSA Vice President Right: Austin Schoening, OSYSA Young Male Referee of the Year

Austin began playing recreational soccer at the age of four.  At eight years of age, he began playing competitive soccer and played for seven years.  His interest in becoming a referee started at a young age and he took the referee course as soon as he was eligible.  Soccer has given him the confidence to take on new challenges.  As a player he learned about winning and losing and playing to the best of his ability.  As a referee, he learned how to deal with difficult situations and how to be a leader.



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