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Affinity Sports Launches New “Open Platform” Strategy with the

Renewal of Tech Agreement with Ohio South Youth Soccer


Milford, OH (April 16, 2015) – Ohio South Youth Soccer Association (OSYSA) announced that it has extended the term of its exclusive technology services agreement with Affinity Sports, LLC (Affinity) to provide operational support to OSYSA, its 70+ leagues and clubs and approximately 60,000 registered players.  Affinity provides fully integrated technology platform (ShareView™) and support services that allow its governing association sports clients to manage all core association operations including the management of all player, volunteer and administrator records, oversight and approval of player eligibility and return to play procedures, risk management and volunteer eligibility as well as creation and management of association sanctioned tournaments including OSYSA’s State Cup.

Because the ShareView™ platform aggregates all administrator, volunteer, player and parent information,  a number of OSYSA affiliated member leagues and clubs use Affinity’s club services such as player registration, tournament and scheduling services to take advantage of the real time data integration and receive discounted credit card processing and convenience fees.  In addition, Affinity will be offering a number of additional club services from League Dynamics which offers a number of recreational league productivity tools, insurance products that provide insure costs of travel if a tournament is cancelled and reimbursement of portion of unused player season participation fees following a major player injury whether or not the injury occurred playing soccer.

“We are very excited about our expanded relationship with Affinity Sports. After evaluating all available vendors and systems available, the Affinity ShareView™ platform and unparalleled support remains the best fit for OSYSA now and into the future,” said Jim Martella, President, OSYSA.  “Our goal is to utilize technology to better serve the needs of our membership.  We are confident that partnering with Affinity will allow us to accomplish this goal”, said Tom Frisbie, Executive Director, OSYSA.

“OSYSA has provided Affinity the opportunity to showcase our strategy of creating an integrated, but open technology platform which provides access to best of class products and services from Affinity and third party providers.  We believe this strategy will transform the sports association market by allowing our clients to select from a variety of product and service providers while still retaining an integrated technology platform and access to real time data”, said Mark Skeen, Affinity’s, CEO.


The Ohio South Youth Soccer Association is the governing body for youth soccer in southern Ohio. The purpose of OSYSA is to organize and promote recreational and competitive youth soccer programs, clubs, leagues, associations and societies for youth up to and including those nineteen years of age; to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play of all the participants therein; to offer programs for teams to participate in National and International competitions including the US Youth Soccer National Championships; and to offer a program under the approval of US Youth Soccer and US Soccer for the development of individual players for State, Regional, and National teams and development camps that will lead to their selection on teams to represent the United States in the Olympics and other National and International competition as required. This Association achieves its purpose by (1) encouraging the development of leagues, clubs, associations, organizations, and programs so that soccer is made available to youth in all levels of competition; (2) encouraging the development and practice of good sportsmanship; (3) developing the principles of fair play; (4) building good character; (5) promoting the growth of soccer; (6) instructing, training and educating players, coaches, and referees to develop and improve their capabilities; (7) operating the Olympic Development Program within the boundaries of OSYSA for US Youth Soccer and US Soccer.


About Affinity Sports

Affinity Sports is the largest and most successful provider of software, services and support to state soccer associations and their club, region and league affiliates.  Affinity Sports offers a wide range of web and mobile enabled products and services designed to empower administrators and volunteers.  Affinity offers an easy to use, integrated technology platform called ShareView™ that eliminates data redundancy and enables administrators, volunteers and parents to focus on improving player participation and on field enjoyment of sports.  Affinity has over 1,200,000 players and 250,000 administrators using our ShareView™ platform through our 14 USYS state youth soccer association clients including Cal South, Cal North, Massachusetts, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio South, Ohio North, PA West, Alabama and Hawaii and 4 USASA adult soccer association clients including Cal South, Cal North and Hawaii Adult Soccer.  Through our recently released open API, Affinity has partnered with a number of best in class service providers to allow our sports association clients to seamlessly have access to best in class products and services though integration with Affinity’s ShareView technology platform.  In addition to its sports association clients, Affinity provides low cost tournament, registration, team formation and scheduling services to clubs, leagues and regions.  In 2014, Affinity processed over $50,000,000 of player transactions and anticipates processing $100,000,000+ of player registration transactions in 2015.  Founded in 2002 to provide state association software solutions to Cal South, Affinity Sports is based in San Diego, CA.  For more information, please visit

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